Museum of Non-Participation
lost objects
with Pavilion
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  • I have always thought of Karachi as the future imaginary, not
 as dystopian, but as a positive, emancipatory survival. There is a pessimistic strength in the future imaginary of an urban life of a Karachite reflected in the attitude of the lost objects.

    The term Lost Objects is used here to describe what is commonly referred to as the furniture of the exhibition. These concrete objects were made through collaboration with the artist Gabriel Birch and architect Sophie Yetton whose practice Pavilion attempts to reframe the space of the exhibition by constructing an alternative physicality to the spaces of the white-cube art gallery. The invitation to intervene in the Museum of Non Participation was accepted by Pavilion to address an idea central to their practice the city as museum to observe and erect an abstract model of the city that rethinks the institutional archetype.