Museum of Non-Participation
On Collections and Collectivity
Arnolfini, Bristol
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  • On Collections and Collectivity is presented as part of the Arnolfini's "Museum Show" which across its two chapters presents museums by approximately 40 artists. The exhibition looks at the different interpretations of what a museum can be, whilst charting the methodologies and reasons used by artists for creating their own institutions - ranging historically from critique directed towards institutions of art, to more contemporary examples that focus their attention towards wider social and political realms of cultural hegemony.

    Full 'On Collections and Collectivity' Exhibition Text:
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    "What is the Museum of Non Participation? And what is a museum of non participation doing participating in an exhibition on the museum itself? How can we understand the place of the Non? And, more importantly, how can we understand the Non as both a noun and a verb in the work of Karen Mirza and Brad Butler? What follows here in this exhibition, in this text, and in the accumulation of works is a series of acts, or what the artists call the performative utterance of folded, contested spaces.

    Act, Act(s), Act(ion), Act(ivist), (Speech) Act, Act(uality), (Abstr)act, the Acts listed below and exhibited in the gallery enact and open the place of the Non, inhabiting and proposing it as a threshold, a fulcrum, an axis of artistic practice, of speech, of utterance. Considered things that gather rather than objects that stand inertly before one, these acts nevertheless refer to the etymology of former obicere to present, oppose, cast or throw in the way of, to bring forward in opposition. They have been created to intervene, to disrupt, sometimes to efface and disassemble, thereby presencing even more strongly political acts. These acts are active strategies.

    The texts that follow here similar to the way in which one enters the gallery and encounters the first two works off-axis, laterally, from the side are proposed from the same position.

    For Museum of Non Participation is not an overriding structure. Nor is it a museum that houses objects, like its etymology suggests. Rather it acts, is actor, author, agent, participant. The Museum of Non Participation is an open-ended, generative art process that collects and gathers, a conceptual critical frame that produces and intervenes in the space through the place and act of the Non"
    . [Text by Tina Di Carlo]

  • Co-Workers
    Khalid Abdalla
    Chris X 56A Infoshop
    Nabil Ahmed
    Ariella Azoulay
    Gabriel Birch
    Helios Capdevila
    Tina Di Carlo
    David Cunningham
    Larne Abse Gogarty
    Sophie Yetton
    The Aesthetics of Resistance Reading Group
    Hana Al Bayaty
    Joerg Bader
    Lucy Badrocke
    Galeri Non
    Nav Haq
    China Mieville
    Precarious Workers Brigade
    David Spraggs
    Waterside Contemporary